Healing through the gift of Writing.

Some years ago during a very hectic time in my life I had the opportunity to seek treatment for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. Being an Urban First Nation’s descendent was not easy, and I can say honestly now; I guess I am a late bloomer.

During the first two years of my treatment by professionals my life drastically changed for the better. After completing my G.E.D  and entering into the local Community college I found my niche for descriptive writing in an English 101 class.  We were given an assignment to write about an experience from our past.This was where my first bout with writer’s block would place me in its boxing ring. Most of my past involved things I rather not write about for they were too painful.

Here I was in my late twenties, in a class with many who were much younger ,and came from different backgrounds, and probably had no clue Native American Indians still exist.

I decide to share an Urban experience of a date gone bad, and I got lost describing each and every detail of that adventure. It was as if a veil had been lifted and the portal to escape could change my perspective into something positive. The title, “Dancing in Moccassins,”was printed by my instructor,along with all the class writings, and it gave me sense of accomplishment.My existence,experiences, and feelings now had an outlet and it felt kind of like the “Good Medicine” our Elders teach us to seek. Rarely do I get writer’s block anymore because I love to write from the heart. As for academic research papers I still need more skills.

Because of writing, my passion for learning grew ,and I obtained my Bachelor’s three years ago with honors from Eastern Illinois University. I’ve even have some stories that were published. There is a writing group of Natives like me, and we like to write our own stories. The group is called “Chinoodin” and I think some may even enjoy our stories. The name of booklet is titled “Chinoodin.” 

There is a voice,tone, order, and so much more in writing that I am grateful to be able to use to improve my writing skills. All I know is that writing can be very healing and can open the door to unlocked potential.

Oh by the way, excuse typos because I am actually using my mobile phone to type this.







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